Our Pledge
How does it work?

Make a claim by sending us an email with pictures of the effected part or parts and let us know where you are on trail. Be sure to include your name, pack model, waist size and gender preference. We'll send you a new part on the next shipping day. Holidays and weekends will have an impact on shipping and delivery, please understand that this is outside of our control. When your package is delivered or you pick your package up, we ask that you place the old part inside the box, place the enclosed return address on the box, and return it to us so we can review what went wrong. This will help us perfect our design for future products.

Frameless Pack and Pack Body Repairs

Make a claim just like you would if you had a damaged hip belt or other part. Ensure you specify the area in need of repair and add any notes you feel might help. We will send you a courtesy pack or pack body for you to use while we repair yours. When we receive your pack we will assess the damage and inform you of an estimated time to complete the given repair.

What's not included?

Discomfort due to overloading is not covered. If you have a pack that is overloaded and is not comfortable you will need to remove some items from your pack and/or add some additional pads to your straps. Review our 'Understanding your Base Weight' checklist before purchasing to find out which pack is best for you. However, if you simply need auxiliary pads place an order and we'll get those out to you as quickly as possible. We'll send them ahead of you on the trail to the nearest post office/hostel/outfitter of your choice.  

Shipping Disclaimer

In selecting a place for us to send your package, it is important that you trust the delivery location. Paratus Exploration Equipment is not responsible for items that are lost or stolen during shipping. We suggest you have us send equipment on the trail to an official US Post Office. We will send gear where ever you like, but the end destination and the trustworthiness of said location shall be the gear owner's responsibility.  

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Kate Stelfox

Hiker Support


If you are a thruhiker in the Continental United States, hiking any one of the long distance trails, from the Long Trail to the CDT, and you have one of our packs, we've got your back! Mice can chew on a pack strap or pocket, or you can personally lose weight due to the trail. If this happens, we'll send you a new part, no questions. If you happen to experience part failure due to construction we'll repair or replace it as quickly as possible.  

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