V-Strap Conversion

Every pack comes with an extra 24" length of webbing and a dual adjusting side release buckle. This unassuming piece is integral to attaching large items to the top of your pack such as tents, rope, or unruly bear canisters. Without it, you might be able to make something work but it is certainly not advisable.

Step 1 If you just received your pack, locate this strap inside the packaging for the included pack liner.

Step 2 Unbuckle the side release and move both halves to the ends of the strap length.

Step 3 Fold the strap in half to create a loop in the center.

Step 4 Locate the sewn on loop in the middle of the front panel on the pack.

Step 5 Place the free strap loop over the sewn on loop and feed the free ends through the sewn on loop.

Step 6 Pull the free ends to tighten the new knot you've just created.

Step 7 Remove the vertical side compression straps from the ice axe loops on the front of the pack.

Step 8 Locate the load loops at the load lifters on the top of the back panel.

Step 9 Using the loop end of the strap, fit the loop over the load loop on the pack.

Step 10 Pull the free end of the strap through the load loop on the pack and pull to tighten. Repeat steps 8-10 for the other side.

Step 11 Place the item you would like to carry on the top of the pack.

Step 12 Clip both free straps to the newly attached webbing on the front of the pack.

Step 13 Tighten to secure the load.

To remove the straps, reverse the steps above. To reinstall the vertical straps to the ice axe loops, repeat steps 8-10 in the new location.

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