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Hi everyone! 


My name is Kim and in May 2020 I will be off to hike my first leg of the Triple Crown, the Pacific Crest Trail. The PCT will be my first attempt at a thru hike and I couldn’t be more excited. I grew up in Paris and spent the first 18 years of my life in the City of Light, riding the metro (mostly just getting pushed and stepped on by strangers) and drinking tiny espressos. As much as I love the city, I would probably have gone crazy if I hadn’t spent all my summers in the wilderness. You see, my parents are obsessed with wild places, and definitely passed their passion on to me. When my friends at school talked about their summers spent in Saint Tropez, I would talk about Alaska, the Yukon, British Columbia, Haida Gwaii, Alberta, Norway, Iceland, Australia, Montana, Washington, South Dakota, Utah, Colorado, Oregon… I actually took my very first steps in Yellowstone! I really wanted to run away from those beautiful but horribly smelly geysers… I guess it was only a matter of time before I decided to go on such an adventure! 


When I finished high school, I decided to move to Quebec, Canada. I moved to Lennoxville, a tiny town in QC, and went to Bishop’s University for three years. Talk about a change of scenery after growing up downtown Paris! I graduated with a BA and a double major in economics and politics. During those years, I realized how much I truly loved the environment, and promised myself I would do as much as I can to protect it. I then moved to Montreal, QC and went on to get a Master’s in Politics, with a focus on economics and the environment. I wrote a Memoire on the link between giving Indigenous Peoples their ancestral lands back and the conservation of the environment, and graduated in June 2019. When I wasn’t studying, I was backpacking in the White Mountains, canoe-camping in Ontario, skiing in Vermont and hiking around Quebec. I tried cross country skiing but that did not end well… After graduating, I flew to the Yukon and spent a month backpacking there and in Alaska, the place I fell in love with when I was 7. Today, I work for an NGO that advocates for Indigenous Rights and the protection of the environment.


I remember stepping foot on the PCT for the first time in July 2017. I had heard about it before but had never really thought about thru hiking. That summer, I went on a road trip from California to Oregon, Washington and back. I kept running into the PCT and forced my parents to stop each time so that I could walk on it for 5 minutes. I felt drawn to it, and after the twentieth time of making my poor dad stop at random trail accesses, taking ten steps on the trail and hopping back in the car, I decided to hike the whole thing one day. I grabbed my phone and wrote a note to myself “I am going to hike the Pacific Crest Trail”. Forward 2 and a half years later, I got my permit! 


I am incredibly thankful to be an ambassador for Paratus Exploration Equipment. I love to support small businesses that make amazing quality products and love that the packs are handmade in the US! It’s in perfect alignment with my goals of living more sustainably. 


Follow along on my Instagram @kimberleymgs for updates on my hike and many more adventures!

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